Endpoint Protection

An endpoint is any device that connects to a computer network. It can be a laptop, desktop computer, cell phone, tablet, or IoT (Internet of Things) device. Regardless of the type of endpoint, it’s your company’s window to the outside world and if left unsecured a hacker’s doorway into your network.

Endpoint Protection from Ready Services Group

Let RSG’s team of experts help protect your network from bad actors.

Our endpoint protection service packages offer the follow features and more:

Multi-factor Authentication

Role-based access

OS Hardening

Blocking of Zero Day Attacks

Protection from file-less attacks

Offline protection

Memory exploit protection

Ransomware eradication & removal

Malware protection

Automatic updates

DNS filtering

Website content filtering

Endpoint protection keeps all your endpoints safe by encrypting important data stored on all types of devices

Hackers are constantly employing new and more complex attack strategies, therefore Endpoint security guarantees that employees’ devices are secure, allowing them to operate safely regardless of how or where they connect to the corporate network.

Device usage has grown exponentially with new modes of working, and Endpoint protection ensures that any type of remote work is secure.

Guarantee that your employee’s identity is secure, allowing them to operate safely regardless of how or where they connect to corporate information and services

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